“Driving Radical Change” by Josep Isern and Caroline Pung

The article gave two necessities for experiencing and initiating successful change in the company. The two necessities to change are setting an appropriate and inspiring aspiration or vision, which allows the benefits of change to come alive to everyone in organization. The second is mobilizing ans sustaining the transformation engine by infusing energy. The majority of the article of outlined the guidelines for these necessities to change. I have outlined them below:


Setting Aspirations – Getting off to a good start.

  • Define – Underline the importance of the change.
  • Design – Develop the architecture of the change to unsure understanding and mobility.
  • Focus – Bring the well defined and architected aspiration to reality by setting goals that allow people to be the right page.
  • Story – Communicate the story so to inspire and allow others to understand.

Energy and Ideas—to fuel the engine!

  • Ideas – Asking the who, what, how, why questions will open brilliant doors of opportunity for change
  • Energy – Catalysts to react with burst of energy!
  • Impact – Measure impact by initiating smaller set of high impact energy
  • Embed – Make change a commitment.
  • Personalize – Inspire through role models of changers.
  • Capabilities – Build new capabilities when things feel stale and stagnant.

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