Laws of Power (CH 8) by Robert Greene and Joost Elffers

Greene and Elffers’ book The 48 Laws of Power review great political philosophers, conmen, and figures of all time who are known for their strategic excellence. He gives characteristics of the successes of power:

–          Conceal your Intentions – By keeping people in the dark they will follow you regardless of weather they believe or not.

–          Win Through your actions, never through arguments – Demonstrate rather than explain.

–          Use the surrender tactic – transform your weaknesses into power because surrender can give you time to recover.

–          Re-create yourself- Forge new identities that command attention and entertain an audience.

–          Master the art of Timing – Always seem patient because hurrying betrays a lack of control.

Although these are only five of the 48 laws mentioned in this gives example to how political figures regain and sustain power which can also be seen as true in all executive strategic planning and execution.


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