Good Managers Don’t Make Policy Decisions (CH 7) by H. Edward Wrapp

In this article, Wrapp explains what characteristics are common in successful executives.  The skills he outlines are simple and easily implemented among management. Below are a list of the followings skills that are found common characteristics in successful executives:

–          Keeping Well Informed : Many get lost in the wealth of details and insist on making to many decisions.

–          Focusing Time and Energy: A good manager knows how to save energy and gives personal attention to problems and issues that need direct assistance.  

–          Playing the Power Game: A good manager knows he must work through idea men in different parts of the organization.

–          Value of Sense of Timing: A good manager sets aside a good time frame of completion and then outlines the way to best us time.

–          The Aof Imprecision: A good manager commits himself publically to a specific set of objectives.  

–          Maintaining Viability:  A good manager has a well-defined set of objectives and a clear sense of direction.  

–          Avoiding Policy Straitjackets: A good manager understands the importance of specific and detailed statements of social responsibility.

–          Muddling with a Purpose: A good manager sees opportunities to discover parts that relate to the purpose.

Most of all a manager must be able to understand the vision but know how to implement the vision to see the plan into fruition.


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