Growth Article: Breaking Compromises, Breakaway Growth By George Stalk Jr.; David Pecaut; Benjamin Burnett

The authors of this article attempt to capture the importance of breaking compromises that many businesses hold that hinders the business from experiencing growth. Compromise is not a trade-off but rather a concession demanded of consumers by all or most service or product providers. Compromises can seem hidden and offer no particular segment. Compromises exist when an industry imposes its operating practices or constraints on customers leaving them no choices. This leaves the customers needs on the back burner therefore if compromises are broken, breakaway growth for the industry as a whole could arise!  The new or revealed demand that is unleashed from breaking down the compromises is a breakthrough strategy! Circuit City’s new concept of CarMax broke down compromises in the car industry and found growth and demand by meeting the needs of the customers.

The article concludes in looking at who growth strategies could be built primarily around breaking compromises within an industry. Many times the compromises that are made can easily be redefined in order to unleash a new found demand for the product of service in a saturated market.


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