CH 3: The Seven Deadly Sins of Planning By Ian Wilson

An executive at GE lists the seven deadly sins of strategic planning and they are the following.

1. The staff took over the process. — The planning staff many times takes over the strategy implementation and cut out the executives from the planning.

2. The process dominated the staff. – Many times the process or strategic plan is taken too seriously.

3. Planning systems were virtually designed to produce NO results. – When operation systems and strategic planning systems do not integrate, strategy does not drive action.

4. Planning focused on more exciting game of mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures at the expense of core business development.

5. Planning processes failed to develop true strategic choices. – When planners and executives rush to adopt a strategy, they adopt by default rather than by choice.

6. Planning neglected the organizational and cultural requirements of strategy. – With no focus on the internal environment of the company, the strategy is not effective by only looking externally.

7.  Single-point forecasting was an inappropriate basis for planning in an era of restructuring and uncertainty. – Planning based on one set of scenarios or rules sets the strategy up for surprise in the future.


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