Be Coherent, Not Visionary By Lissack and Roos

This article argues that the very idea of having a corporate vision is of now real use to the corporate strategic plans because the market is unpredictable and unstable. Rather than a vision to lead the company in future direction, being coherent is what really matters! Being coherent means acting in a manner that reinforces who the company is, given the organization and its environment. A vision on the other hand is based off of what has already been incorporated. A vision can not guide strategy as it looks at what they are not who they are becoming and responding to the world.

Academic researchers have found that vision is important to leadership, strategy implementation, and change. Coherence is an alignment of context, viewpoint, purpose and action – the key to management success. . Because the competitive environment is rarely predictable and continually shifting, vision in itself is not enough but coherence is needed.

Coherence is the concept of “holding together” and helps to solve the fundamental problem. Through daily interaction coherence is built and continually developing to prepare for future. With the ever-changing environment and the pressures of co-evolution, vision can not hold up to the increasing complexity. Coherence fixes the problem because coherence is about identifying who you are in the given spot in time and industry environment.

Five simple guides to execute being coherent:

  1. Strive to become more of what you really are.
  2. Try to channel emergence, not control it.
  3. Try to find you preferred adjacent possibilities.
  4. Act in a way that improves and enhances those adjacent possibilities.
  5. Discuss identity and boundaries often.

Favorite quote from the article: A plan is nothing, but planning is everything.


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