The Quest for Resilience By Hamel and Valikangas

The article defines how a successful company must achieve strategic resilience. Resilience is not easy and offers many challenges. The challenges are described in the article and give much incite about the importance of a company’s resilience and sustainability in the business market.

Strategic resilience is not able responding to a crisis but rather anticipating and adjusting to deep trends that can permanently impair the company’s strategy. The goal of a resilient strategy is a strategy that is forever morphing and forever conforming itself to “emerging opportunities and incipient trends” (54). An organization that seeks a resilient strategy must face the following challenges:

  1. The Cognitive Challenge: free of denial and arrogance pertaining to company’s experience of success.
  2. The Strategic Challenge: requires a plethora of new options as alternatives to dying strategies.
  3. The Political Challenge: diverting resources from yesterday’s products and programs to tomorrow’s innovations.
  4. The Ideological Challenge: embracing changes in the ever changing model of business.

There is no simple recipe for a company to experience true resilience but every company must over come the challenges of resilience. Once they over the challenges, the resilience required will sustain business as a company.


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