Blue Ocean Strategy By Kim and Mauborgne

To sum the article into one phrase it would be: Creating Innovative value helps to unlock demand. The article was very straight forward and to the point. With clear main points and direct application, this blue ocean strategy was very informational to my understanding of strategy as a whole.

In the business environment that we now live in, supply is over taking demand resulting in commoditization of products, pricing wars, and profit deficits. The article begs the argument that leaders must transition from red oceans of competition to blue oceans of profitable growth. Blue oceans of growth begin with pursuing value based innovation and developing new market space. By placing value on creating breakthroughs both the buyer and seller benefit. Leaders must execute the innovative vision by executing company capabilities. A leader must also remember that blue oceans are created with in red oceans. In the difficult economy leaders must seek profitable growth by creating the blue oceans of new opportunity through innovation.


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