The Learning School CH 7

1. The Learning School sees strategy formation as an emergent process. This school suggests that strategy is learned over time and will emerge as time and experience mix(177).

2. The primary proponent for the learning school is Mintzberg.

3. The learning school took several stages: disjointed and logical incrementalism, strategic venturing, and finally emergent strategy and then retrospective sense making. The idea of the learning model is that strategy takes time as it is a process that emerges. The process of emergence can be simple yet complex as it evolves overtime (179-207).

4. The premises for the Learning School (208):

                1. Strategy making must above all take the form of a process of learning over time where formation and implementation become indistinguishable.

                2. The collective system (beyond just the leader) learns as a whole to form strategy for most organizations.

                3. The learning process must happen to stimulate thinking retrospectively so that sense can come from action.

                4. The role the leader takes is to manage the process of strategic learning, whereby novel strategy can emerge.

5. Critiques of the learning school:

                – No strategy: before learning there is no strategy

                -Lost strategy

                -Wrong strategy

                -Careful of learning

                With all of this in mind, most companies prefer to have a leader with a vision design the strategy and then learn from the wins and loses to emerge an even better model of strategy.

6. The learning model has brought the “knowledge spiral” which envelops the socialization, externalization, internalization, and combination of learning experiences.  Core competences are also developed through learning and retrospective processing. It is when the company learns openly that the best strategies emerge!


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