Car and technology in the News.

Since my future will be in the car business, I looked for articles that would help me understand the market better.


Can Hyundai Sell Pragmatic Prestige?

Mike Ramsey. Wall Street Journal. (Eastern edition). New York, N.Y.: Sep 20, 2010. pg. B.1

                I enjoyed this article about the new Hyundai’s luxury model of the Sedan, Equus. The goal to lure affluent buyers  and to raise the company’s image is strategic. It will affect the company’s image and organizational structure if it succeeds. The investment is long term and will also affect long term conditions and positioning. Do I think their attempt to enter the luxury market will succeed? NO. Many time people buy luxury for the “image” it represents. By selling a $13,000 car on the same lot as $60,000 luxury vehicle, the image many are looking for will be lost. In my opinion, it will not be a strategy that will succeed.

Corporate News: Nissan Charges Ahead in China

Norihiko Shirouzu. Wall Street Journal. (Eastern edition). New York, N.Y.: Sep 21, 2010. pg. B.3

                The car industry is moving toward electrical technology in order to keep up with demand and competition. This venture in China is definitely a part of their strategic plan to stay competitive in the near future. It is both a monetary commitment and will have a long term impact on the future. This venture beginning in China will directly impact the organization as a whole because the venture will change the future of the car industry.

Dell Teases Next Tablet — CEO Shows Device With Seven-Inch Screen, Google Software

Ian Sherr. Wall Street Journal. (Eastern edition). New York, N.Y.: Sep 23, 2010. pg. B.4

                Dell’s  new tablet device designed to compete with the iPad is purely a competitive tactic to compete with Apple. Their seven inch screen pad which doubles as a smart phone is an investment that I see as strategic in order to sustain against competition. It is a long term investment and have long term impact in order to create technology that will compete with Apple. This new device could affect the entire organization’s structure if it hits the mainstream as a PC version of the iPad. Dell is in survival mode in my opinion as they continue to react to the creative innovations that Apple continues to provide their customers.


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