Introduction to Schools of Formation CH1

1. The first chapter was primarily an introductory chapter. It was written with great clarity and readability so as to outline the intentions of the book.

2. Chapter one was organized well by outlining the book as a whole. It described the ten schools of thought on strategy formation ‘and the five Ps of strategy presented in the book.

3. The first chapter in Strategic Safari  was written with logic in mind. It did not logically explain each of the schools of strategy formation but briefly explained how the five P’s are a part of the ten different schools. It will logically explain the schools thought process in the chapters to come.

11. The main point the author makes in this chapter is that strategy can not be described as whole but rather in parts, that is way there are ten schools of thoughts on strategic formation. With different people, motives and planning, different thoughts about strategy are formed.

12. Although there are ten different thoughts about strategy, is one way best? Such as the configuration school which combines the processes of the other nine strategies?


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