Everything I Need to Know About Strategy I Learned at the National Zoo by Liedtka

1.  The clarity of this article was not crystal to me. I found the analogy of the zoo exhibits hard to follow at times but I was still able to get quite a bit from the article regardless of the examples.

2. The article was organized well. It first introduced the difference between strategic planning and strategic  thinking and brake down the components of strategic thinking at its best.

3. His argument is very logical because it uses other means to prove business theories. He brings to light that strategic thinking is true in more than just the corporate world.

11. The three main points of this article are as follows:

               1. Strategic thinking takes account and awareness of industry-based context.

               2. Strategic thinking has an emotional overtone having to do with: What the company is doing and why they are doing it?

               3. Strategic thinking requires flexibility and testing new ideas.

12. Does Strategic thinking lead to strategic planning? Or does success only come from the thinking portion now that the environment has changed?


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