A Dynamic View of Strategy by Markides


1. The article is written with clarity and was very easy to read and understand.

2. The article was organized well by first explaining what strategy encompasses along with company examples and then defines what makes a strategy unique and dynamic.

3. The author uses logical arguments by means of real company strategies that experienced successes.

11. The three main points that the author makes are as follows:

               1. A strategy is selecting a position that a company claims by answering the who, what and how questions for the business.

               2. A strategy must be unique to every company in order to experience true strategy success – “success stems from an unparalleled strategic position”.

               3. Strategy must be ever-changing to keep up with the constantly changing competitors.

 12. I understand that change is good in a continually changing environment but when do you decipher when you have a good thing going and it should be kept.


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